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 ====== News ====== ====== News ======
-<wrap hi>12.5.2015</​wrap>​+<wrap hi>23.5.2015</​wrap>​
 \\ \\
-**Feature "​Prepare for MIBiG" ​temporarily unavailable**+**Feature "​Prepare for MIBiG" ​available**
-Server migration works: ​The feature "MIBiG preparation"​ for gene clusters ​had to be disabled temporarily. The function will be made available again in a future ​version of the BiosynML plugin for Geneious.+The feature "MIBiG preparation"​ for gene clusters ​became ​available again with version ​1.5.11 ​of the BiosynML plugin for Geneious. This will generate a MIBiG form pre-filled according to BiosynML content.