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BiosynML project: Development of a versatile XML container format and tools to support bioinformatic analysis workflows in the field of genomics and secondary metabolite biosynthesis. It also provides a plugin for the widely used Geneious software to support biosynthetic gene cluster analysis and to interface with the popular antiSMASH platform. In addition, it serves as a bridge for gene cluster submissions using the MIBiG community standard.

The BiosynML project - presented at - is maintained by scientists from the department “Microbial natural products” at the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland HIPS. For full access to this online documentation, please login. If you do not have a username and password yet, feel free to register yourself.

HIPS and UdS


Feature “Prepare for MIBiG” temporarily unavailable

Server migration works: The feature “MIBiG preparation” for gene clusters had to be disabled temporarily. The function will be made available again in a future version of the BiosynML plugin for Geneious.